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Fishing equipment


                                         Jõe15, Kohila, Raplamaa

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Kohila fishing equipment

We are located in Jõe 15, Kohila. In the same building, where Ehitus ja Aed warehouse is located. We moved here in the September of 2013.
We have created an environment, where you can buy fishing equipment. We can advise you with everything. If we get stuck, we will ask from the specialists and will share the information. We also have fishermen sharing their experiences.

In our product range, we have everything from spoon baits to fishing appliances. The products change often. No matter the season, we sell tools for every season (winter, spring, summer, and autumn).

Hobby fishing is a field which is gaining popularity. It provides a great opportunity to stay outdoors. It is especially fun when you catch your „record fish“. Why not do it with friends and family? Check out our selection and we will find you the best fishing rod and you can start having a good time by fishing.

I will also add some links, so we would all be aware of the laws of fishing. Let’s follow these rules, so the fish would remain in our waters.